Meet our Interns: Myumi W.


By: Myumi W.

My name is Myumi Ware and I am a recent graduate from DePaul University. I currently live in Chicago, IL.

My dream job is to work as National Geographic photographer and be able to travel all over the world to take beautiful photographs of nature and animals. 

I definitely have a love for fashion. When I wear sunglasses, I prefer round or cat eye lenses with a colored tint to them.

I would describe my style as comfortable and retro. I love drawing inspiration from the 1970s. When I'm not in flared jeans and a collared blouse, you will catch me in stretchy pants and a loose tee with tennis shoes. 

My favorite style icon is Rihanna because she is a risk taker. She is always attempting to break social constructs by showing people that a woman can be versatile and not limited to what society expects them to be.

A fun fact about me is that I have been singing since I was two years old. I also like to produce music in my spare time.

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Myumi is one of our social media interns!
Say hi to her on our Facebook page @vbyvye