Meet our Interns: Karina G.


By: Karina G.

My name is Karina German. I am currently working at Topshop at The Grove in Los Angeles. I am also attending school at Cal Poly Pomona. I am studying business administration with an emphasis in marketing. My dream job would be to work as a marketing executive for either a marketing agency or a fashion company.

Currently, I am obsessed with fun colored lenses. My two absolute favorite lens colors would have to be bright pink and yellow. These types of lenses are very trendy at the moment and give off psychedelic vibes. Personally, I love to wear these lenses indoors and outdoors because they are lighter lenses where you can see your actual eyes so it does not look weird when you wear them indoors. They also add more style to any outfit you pair them with.

I would say my style changes with how I am feeling that day. I tend to usually wake up wanting to feel edgy, and so I’ll put together an all black look with a choker. Other times, I’ll wake up wanting to dress girlier so I’ll try to configure brighter colors or floral prints, but I’ll still somehow make it a little edgier. You can definitely catch me in a choker and fun sunglasses most of the time.

My style icon at the moment would have to be Bella Hadid. I love how she is so effortless and carefree with every look she wears. Bella can pull off anything like a sporty look to an elegant ball gown, and still look fierce. I also draw a lot of my style inspiration from instagram accounts such as @ootdmagazine and online fashion retailers like They have been two of my personal favorites lately.

A fun fact about me would be that I love spontaneous adventures.

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Karina is one of our social media interns!
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