Meet our Interns: Ariana N.


By: Ariana N.

Hi! My name is Ariana Navarro. I'm a newly graduate college student from Humboldt State University.

I have always loved fashion and knew I wanted to be apart of the world domination it would have. I have many different style inspirations that come from bloggers all around the world, MAU, and celebrities. Recently I've been drawing my style inspiration from the Revolve women featured on @revolve instagram, they all have such amazing style.

Lisa - Deluxe Collection

Lisa - Deluxe Collection

I absolutely love to travel so being able to incorporate travel and fashion together would be the ultimate dream job.

I believe sunglasses are a very important accessory to the ultimate vacation and pictures. My favorite type of sunnies have a huge frame and are reflective with fun colors. However within the last few months the colorful transparent sunnies have caught my attention and they're so cute. 

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Ariana is one of our social media interns!
Say hi to her on our Twitter page @vbyvye