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By: Myumi W.

When the weather is comfortable, I get to take advantage of fall events in Chicago. Everyone knows that Chicago weather is windy and unpredictable.
This year, fall has been treating us well and I wanted to try something different. I went to a corn maze with my good friend Simone. Not only did they have the corn maze but they had hay rides, food, arts and crafts and farm animals. I love animals, so we spent a good chunk of the time feeding the baby piglets and alpacas.
The food was simple but delicious. They had sloppy joes on the menu! I cannot remember the last time I had one of those. It really brought back good memories from my childhood.

Kelly - Deluxe Collection

Kelly - Deluxe Collection

There were a lot of children and parents as you can probably imagine so Simone and I did feel a little out of place. We definitely made the best of it though. There’s nothing like tapping into your inner child, no one should ever lose that.
For the event, Simone and I wanted to dress warm and cute. The weather was about 55 degrees so we wore jeans, boots and a warm vest. Oh, and I can’t forget about our chic pair of Kitty glasses!

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