Fall Edit: Bad Gal Style


By: Karina G.

     Edgy, fierce, confident and powerful are things I look to presume whenever I choose my outfits. Day or night these are the words that I want to represent my style. It is always so fun to play around with outfits and wear something bold to show off the kind of person you are.

     One of my favorite style icons is Rihanna and not just because her clothes are so bold and eye catching but because she exudes confidence. Rihanna could pull off absolutely any outfit because of her confidence, so it just makes the outfit so much greater. Like Rihanna being fearless and bold, I also would want the word “powerful” to represent my style. Powerful in a sense where you look brave and strong. In every outfit that I put together, I only hope to look like a strong independent woman just like the “bad gal” Rihanna represents.

Bad Gal in smoke - Classic Collection

Bad Gal in smoke - Classic Collection

     I absolutely love putting on something completely out of the norm and even if it is considered a “miss” sometimes, it’s always great to think you still took the dare to wear something out of the box. It’s the greatest feeling when your risky outfit is a hit and you get compliments such as “wow how did you come up with this look?” “I would never pair those things together.” “It looks so good on you.” With my outfit in these photos I wanted to take the brave risk of pairing not just velvet and latex, but GREEN velvet and latex. It was a little risky but in the end I absolutely loved how the look all came together. Especially with the sunglasses I chose to wear with it, the cat eye just added that final touch of edginess needed to create the perfect “bad gal” look. The sunglasses are even inspired by Rihanna! There is no better feeling than being as fierce as Rihanna is and I hope that showed through my style in this outfit.

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