Disneyland: Fall Season


By: Bri C.

This is my favorite time of year to go to Disneyland and California Adventure because everything is decorated for Halloween/Fall! The environment seems to be more cheerful as well. Maybe because it's not extremely hot?


The best part about Disneyland is that everyone creates their own experiences and memories. Being a former pass holder, I would say that I have my favorite things to do. Most of my favorite things has to do with food. I have to start the morning at the Starbucks in California Adventure. It's right at the entrance and the line goes fairly fast (in my experience). Another favorite is to get "popcone" in Cars Land because it comes in fun flavors!

Since I was in a group with a toddler, our experience was tailored to him. For example, a merry go round. There's no shame in taking it back to the basics! We had five grown adults on the ride for one toddler. Ha! 


Hero - Classic Collection

Hero - Classic Collection

Once it was his nap time we were able to go on rides like the new Guardians of the Galaxy ride. I must say, I enjoy the improvements. Disclaimer: There are way more drops now!


As for wardrobe, I suggest wearing comfortable shoes, a light jacket and a cute pair of sunnies (like Hero). 

Hero - Classic Collection

Hero - Classic Collection

What is your Disney routine?

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Bri is a guest contributor for The Edit.